Promatic in CHINASHOP 2018
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CHINASHOP2018 was grand opened at Kunming, Yunnan Province on November 1, 2018.

Promatic joined at the CHINASHOP,exhibiting for new and old customers our new products and technology ,such as Promaticintelligent EAS Deactivator bucket, New generation EAS anti-theft system, unstaffed retail loss prevention system (convenience store), EAS smart cloudplatform, etc.

Promatic intelligent EAS Deactivator bucket (RF/ AM), is suitable for applications of unstaffed convenience store, self-service cash registers and QR code self-purchasing:

1)Users can choose RF or AM system to adapt to the original EAS system of the store.

2)It adopts a flat structure and be able to deactivate a large number of labels at one time.

3)It can be customized to meet different needs.

4)It can be integrated with the cashing system, and the deactivation is activated after the payment is successful.  

5) The management can monitors the status of the deactivator bucket.

Promatic intelligent EAS Deactivator bucket has already applied in unstaffed convenience stores of head enterprises and gained good remarks.