Promatic at the IOT Exhibition
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The 2018 Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition (IOTE) was grandly opened on July 31 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

Promatic attended at the exhibition and was exhibited the latest products to customers: more suitable for DIY traditional EAS system, customized EAS system, concealed EAS anti-theft system, EAS+RFID multi-function detection system, self-service retail loss prevention system, EAS Smart Cloud Platform Network.

About the AM concealed EAS System:

1.The AM anti-theft antenna is concealed on the floor, without the warning function of the traditional vertical ones, creating a good shopping atmosphere for customers;

2.Without affecting the decoration effect of the store;

3.It will not occupy the business area of the store. Even at the valuable store entrance, the goods with anti-theft buckle/tags can still be displayed normally.

4. The concealed anti-theft antenna can be adjusted according to the needs, or it can be made into a cable antenna for easy transportation.